Traveling & Messing

Always loved travelling ever since that first trip to Inch beach in Kerry. I think Irish just have a habit of travelling being such a friendly nation we make friends easy. I would say nearly every trip I have ever been on always bumped into an Irish person or at least seen a Gaelic jersey walking down the street.

The countries and places I have visited include (the idea would be write up a piece on each but small bit too much work so maybe will get picture albums for them).

  • Loads of family Sun Holidays Spain, Lanzarote, Morroco.
  • Croatia to Medjugorje where I got Salmonella at 11 years old.
  • Lived in Canada (Toronto) for 4 months with a fair sound bunch of Irish people.
  • Multiple and many more to do trips to Anfield in Liverpool.
  • Romantic weekend away in Paris and London with Martina.
  • Campervan across Europe (Amsterdam, Pozan, Gdansk, Berlin) for the European Championships.
  • Lived in Dublin for 4 years which changed everything.
  • Flashpacked across Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia. Thailand)
  • Vagabonding in Australia (Currently living in Perth)

LOL: While travelling in summer 2016 we are traveling south east Asia in Bangkok I met Johnny Ward (I read his story on Forbes and reached out to him to buy him a coffee) as I wanted to try find out what his magic sauce was and what worked for him. Johnny suggested start blogging everyday about my life ie.traveling. This lead me down a wormhole thinking I should be a travel blogger but that’s his

This lead me down a rabbit hole thinking I should be a travel blogger but now I understand that’s his passion not mine. That’s why when I started this “travel blog” I wrote what I though a travel blog should have, you will find some random hotel review etc from the start but that’s not what interests me.

fyi. This blog is about documenting all the places I visit and explore so I have somewhere to look back on when I’m older that isn’t my Facebook or Instagram profiles.