Who is Shane Drumm?

Welcome to my personal life blog.

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Hey, My name is Shane Drumm from a small town in County Cork, Ireland. I have an interest in all things digital from websites to wearables. Enjoy traveling and challenging myself both physically and mentally. Above is a picture with my long term girlfriend Martina who puts up with all my madness.

This is my blog on where I’m going to document various projects/efforts to hack my life. From trying to create passive income streams to training for triathlons to traveling random countries. It’s going to be my personal motivational tool to complete my bucketlist.

I’m passionate about new technologies & online marketing. Current interests include Blockchain, Startups, Fintech, Semantic Web, Growth Hacking, Video Marketing and Content Marketing.

Particularly enjoy forming new habits, learning from the best and accepting new challenges. The best place to find out what I’m up to would be the lifehacking section of my blog 🙂

I’m always interested in building new relationships so just reach out and drop me a mail and we can chat to see how we can help each other!

Kind Regards,

shane drumm

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